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James Scurry


About Me

My name is James Scurry and I’m a UKCP and ACPP accredited Core Process Psychotherapist.  I completed a Master of Mindfulness-based Core Process Psychotherapy at The Karuna Institute. I believe that we all go through mental and emotional distress at some point in our lives, but with the right support, that the process can be a transformative, and ultimately even a rewarding experience.  


Whether it be working with anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, bereavement or difficulties stemming from something more complex, ultimately symptoms of distress are rooted in the things we go through in our lives. 


It’s not a question of what’s wrong, but rather a question of what’s happened.  


By working to understand how these experiences have shaped and affected us, we can begin to process and move beyond our emotional pain. I provide a compassionate, non-judgmental and inclusive therapeutic space where my clients can delve deeper into what’s really going on below the surface.  


I grew up in Melbourne in Australia and have a strong connection to nature and to the ocean.  Like many people, psychotherapy is a second career for me, which I came to having gone through my own difficult period working as a Senior Television Producer in a busy newsroom for many years. 


I moved to London more than a decade ago and currently live in Chiswick with my partner and our Hungarian Vizsla, Lola.


I am an advocate for more compassionate mental health support in the UK and am one of the co-founders of the Safely Held Spaces mental health initiative.  I am also a writer passionate about new ways of supporting people with their mental health.

Click below for my most recent Compass paper:

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